Discover The Small But Mighty Contraption

True to our name, here at UncommonCarry we source the most unique, surprising, and exceptional items for you to enjoy. Case in point is our collectible miniature cannons—these babies will blow your mind.

Petite But Powerful

As with so many advancements in technology, the invention of the cannon was due to the military industrial complex—but of the ancient kind. While the first type of cannon was, in fact, a steam cannon used by the Ancient Greeks in 214 BC, the cannon as we know it today was developed by the Chinese as early as the 12th century thanks to their invention of gunpowder.

Just like the real deal, our miniature versions are fully functioning cannons that just happen to fit in the palm of your hand, backpack, desk, or almost anywhere else you want it to go. Both our Mini Convert Cannon and our Mini Combat Cannon are built in stainless steel for a sleek monochromatic look. The Mini Combat Cannon measures a mere 1.18" x 1.57" while the Mini Combat Cannon is slightly larger at 3.93" x 1.77".

Using a fuse, gunpowder, and .25 Cal lead balls, our UncommonCarry miniature cannons fire mini cannon balls in a similar to full-size models. You have to see this duo of mini cannons in action to believe it.

Remember, Safety First

While these are powerful machines, they are not built to be weapons nor are they sold as such. UncommonCarry miniature cannons are novelty items and must be treated as so.

User safety is of paramount importance, so follow all directions very carefully and make sure you completely understand all details before you attempt to fire any of our miniature cannons.

When firing the mini cannons, do it in appropriate, large, and open spaces. Never attempt to fire them indoors where the surroundings can catch on fire. Make sure everyone in the area is situated behind the barrel to avoid any accidents.

Also, please check your local laws concerning any restrictions on buying gunpowder items. 

When You’re Ready, Have Fun!

Whether you choose to prominently place your UncommonCarry mini cannons on your desk for all to see and admire or take it outdoors for some fun target practice with a slew of soda cans, these minor machines will undoubtedly bring endless enjoyment.

Plus, if you’re looking for an ultra-generous gift for the guy who has it all, nothing packs a punch quite like an UncommonCarry miniature cannon.

Good things do come in small packages!

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