Lighters Manual

UncommonCarry offers an assortment of lighters that are unique in their own way. Not all lighters are created equal.

We want to go over the lighters to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone. Our company sells the following type of lighters.

Category 1: Lighters that ignite only with the pull of the trigger.

Category 2: Lighters that ignite with the pull of the trigger and the pull of the hammer. 

Category 3: Lighters with lasers ignite with the pull of the hammer. The trigger turns on the laser. 

Category 4: Lighters with lasers ignite when pulling the trigger. The laser turns on by pushing the button on the side. 


Each lighter has a refill valve. These valves can be found either at the bottom of the handle, back of the lighter, at the bottom of the trigger guard, or on the top of the lighter. 

       Bottom of handle                     Back of lighter              Bottom of the trigger guard              Top of lighter

Each refill should be done with an empty lighter.

1. Open the refill valve. Turn the lighter upside down. Insert a push pin into the hole, flip the lighter so the pin is resting against your work surface, and press down on the lighter.

2. Purge the remaining air in the lighter. Point the lighter away from your face. You should hear a puff of air when the pin pulls free. Attempting to purge a lighter that has fuel remaining inside will cause fuel to be sprayed out.

3. Create a seal on your butane applicator with rubber grommets. It isn’t like that your butane applicator will fit perfectly into the lighter’s refill valve. This can cause gas to leak.

4. Fill the lighter will butane. Turn the lighter upside down so the valve is facing upwards. Press down on the bottle to disengage the refill bottle’s release valve.

*Warning: Ignite lighter away from face and clothing. Contains flammable gas under pressure. Never expose to heat above 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) or to prolonged sunlight. Never puncture or put in a fire. Be sure flame is completely out after each use. Do not keep lit for more than 30 seconds. Do not point the laser at your own nor anyone else’s eyes.

Store lighters out of sight and reach of children, in a secure location.