Get your Hands on the Latest Must-Have in EDC Essentials

Want to take your everyday carry essentials to the next level? Move over fidget spinner, there’s a new must-have gear in town—the UncommonCarry Bowman.

The UncommonCarry Bowman is an expertly designed and manufactured miniaturized crossbow that can launch Q-tips, matches, BBs, and toothpicks for hours of fun. This piece of machinery is the ultimate gadget to have in your everyday gear. Perfect for those days spent daydreaming about the next big idea or popping an adversary’s creative bubble!

The Crossbow was not Invented Overnight

The traditional crossbow was invented in Ancient China around the 4th century BC and required significant skill to handle. But with the advent of modern manufacturing techniques, crossbows have been getting stronger and smaller over the years. Lucky for you, the UncommonCarry Bowman needs no experience to operate. You can fire small projectiles in no time and practice on the go. Plus, the Bowman is self-loading too, so it can store multiple shots in the chamber for added practicality.

The Bowman Collection

Since variety is the name of the game at UncommonCarry, we have crafted several Bowman models to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Every one of our miniature bows is handcrafted in stainless steel and has been tested for range, precision, and durability by our in-house army.

Our original model, the BOWMAN is available in black, silver, and gold, and can shoot anywhere from 10 – 15 meters (30 to 50 feet). If you need even more distance, there’s the ACE BOWMAN—offered in black or silver—that can reach 15 to 25 meters (50 to 80 feet). There’s even the BB BOWMAN, also in black or silver, which as its name suggests, is specialized in launching spherical metal projectiles from 10 to 15 meters (30 to 50 feet). We even provide the BBs for you!

For super enthusiasts, we have the AMBUSH SNIPER or the SILENT SWEEPER, which are our most intricately designed mini crossbows to date.

It’s Target Practice All The Time

Measuring less than five inches, the UncommonCarry Bowman can go with you almost anywhere and be taken out for action at almost any time. Just throw it into your backpack or carry it in your pocket. Given its design and shooting capabilities, we guarantee it’ll be your go-to gear this season. But make sure to keep a close eye on it because once your crew sees it, they’ll want to get their hands on it too.

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