Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Hunter!

There’s a new Everyday Carry (EDC) essential in town: the Ghost Hunter mini crossbow. If you have a ghost problem on your hands (or even if you don’t) then add this ultra-cool demon destroyer to your gear!

What’s an UncommonCarry Mini Crossbow?

Fully functional, UncommonCarry miniature crossbows are skillfully crafted contraptions that can launch Q-tips, matches, BBs, and toothpicks towards any target. Great to look at, easy to carry, and fun to use, these are the latest must-haves in EDC essentials.

Along with the wide range of UncommonCarry miniature crossbow models, there’s also the Ghost Hunter series for those on a phantom finding mission. These versions include a very special addition—infrared light.

UncommonCarry Ghost Hunter Collection

The Ghost Hunter crossbows are handmade in stainless steel and boast a shooting range of 10 -15 meters (30 to 50 feet). They come equipped with an infrared red light for night visibility—perfect for when you want to shoot targets in the dark.

Because two is usually better than one, UncommonCarry offers two different versions of the Ghost Hunter mini crossbow. Channeling a sleek and stealth style, the Ghost Hunter One miniature crossbow is black-coated stainless steel model with some fantastic gold details. Load her up with your ammo of choice, seek out your target using the infrared light, aim, and pull the trigger to shoot!

On the other hand, the Ghost Hunter Two is a little flashier, combining gold, silver, and black components. But not to worry, in the cloak of darkness, you can still covertly capture any unwanted spirits despite the Ghost Hunter Two’s attention-grabbing looks.

The UncommonCarry Ghost Hunter Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Whether you choose to prop the Ghost Hunter mini crossbow on your desk for all to admire or secretly stash it in your backpack only to take it out when needed, this is one piece of machinery that will always be entertaining.

Shoot specifically at intruding ghosts to keep yourself safe or shoot aimlessly while you’re daydreaming of the next big idea, it’s easy to keep the Uncommon Carry Ghost Hunter mini crossbow within arm’s reach.

So what are you waiting for? Arm yourself with the new Ghost Hunter miniature crossbow or gift it to someone in your life who needs it. We can’t guarantee these will last long in stock, so snap one up while you have the chance.   

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