Five Fun Targets to Aim Your Mini Crossbow At

If you’re just having one of those days where nothing is going according to plan, then it’s time to whip out your UncommonCarry Mini Crossbow and shoot at some stuff! And by stuff, we actually mean things and never at a living target! (While small, our Mini Crossbows can do some harm and you certainly don’t want to be poking someone’s eye out.)

If you haven’t tried one of our Mini Crossbows yet, you’re missing out because whether you’re launching some mini BBs or toothpicks, playing target practice with a crossbow that fits in the palm of your hand is flat out fun.

If you’ve run out of ideas of what to shoot at, here are some suggestions.

1) Bring the carnival atmosphere to boring meetings with a session of balloon brainstorming. Ditch the bland whiteboard, blow up some balloons, have team members write their ideas on the balloons, and pop the crappy ones by shooting them down with your crossbow. Just make sure you have great aim so you don’t end up deflating the next million-dollar idea.

2) The best of us have at least one archrival—think Superman and Lex Luthor or Neo and Mr. Smith. If you have a nemesis you want to take down, bring on the voodoo vibes by playing target practice with his picture. Make it extra challenging by sticking the picture on a drone and have your buddy fly it around while you aim a toothpick at your adversary’ (photo) heart.

3) Turn your mini crossbow shooting experience into a group game challenge. Gather your friends and grab some golf tees and ping pong balls. Push five golf tees into the ground, position a ball on top of each tee, and time how fast each player can shoot them all down. If you’re indoors, get some play dough and create mounds to stick the tees in instead.

3) Bring the bowling alley to your desk and get ready for some strikes. Buy some miniature plastic bowling sets (party stores carry these), line up the pins and shoot some BBs using your BB Sniper Mini Crossbow. Cheap beer and pizza are optional.

4) Nothing like enjoying nature by playing a round of skeet shooting. Except for this time you’re shooting paper balls, inside, with air conditioning. Have one of your colleagues throw a paper ball and yell “PULL!” as you go for glory. This is great practice for moving targets and is very satisfying. Other than appealing to your innate need to shoot things out of the air, it improves hand-eye coordination, which opens up new pathways in the brain, leading to further bright ideas. While there is currently no research supporting this claim, it makes total sense.

An Uncommon Carry Mini Crossbow is a great way shoot stuff without the need for a screen because real life is so much more satisfying than virtual life! Visit the store to check out our crossbow options and get some for your friends too. They’ll love you for it.

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